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Leny Chinchillas


Elena Chinchillas Ponce 

Leny knew she wanted to be a Singer, at seven years old she was part of an all girls choir at the San Pedro Nolasco Church, she learned music reading and singing, she studied at Musical arts center (CAM) known as Musical arts foundation. For four  years she was part of REDES program as a violinist in the Baja California Juvenile Orchestra. 
While she was a kid, she was part of many artistic exhibitions and competitions receiving an especial mention and winning many state level awards. WIth her coach and friend, Paola Cervantes she created Origen de Papel group. 
At age 18 she continued her music preparation by studying music at COLLAGE academy where she developed her singning lessons. She is currently known as melodic metal band Maskeratt Lead Vocalist. 

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